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    At FSR We Are United In Recovery and committed to working with you as you journey through your individual stages of change into recovery.

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    Our Volunteers are #1!

    We value your time and effort
    to help us help others!
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Why Have Volunteers?

FSR places a strong value on our Volunteer Program because it is their help that builds and strengthens our organization and the community through their support. At FSR our volunteers enhance our program through their individual sense of dedication and commitment. Our volunteers are advocates that have committed to working with consumers. They witness firsthand how support empowers change. FSR’s volunteers experience the rewards of knowing that their selfless act of supporting our organization brings life a new meaning to our consumers.

Volunteering is a choice, not a job, and by volunteering at FSR it extends the resources of our organization and our community by providing extra hands that enables FSR to do tasks and activities that might not otherwise get done.

To become a volunteer please visit our Support Center and open a new ticket to request a volunteer application.

We need you and welcome you to participate in any of the following areas:

  • Administrative

    Many of FSR’S programs are in need of administrative assistance during the weekdays. Volunteer to provide clerical support such as answering phones, sending out donation letters, visitors, filing, and photocopying.    Request a Volunteer Application HERE
  • Professional Services

    Seeking professional volunteers, including health care, mental health care providers, professional development, and employee training instructors. Students and interns are alsonwelcome in several programs.    Request a Volunteer Application HERE
  • Wellness

    Our Wellness Department is seeking fitness instructors, arts and crafts instructors and other individuals who want to share their talents. Great for families, groups, or individuals interested in working with FSR’s consumers.   Request a Volunteer Application HERE
  • Adult Tutors

    Help consumers at the Vocational Center to assist with the training programs to develop reading, writing, computer, job and social skills. GED/ Basic Education preparation assistance is also needed. Opportunities to work one-on-one or in a classroom setting.   Request a Volunteer Application HERE
  • Holidays

    Come and join us in celebrating the holidays. We all know that during the holidays no one wants to be alone so, come out and join us in making someones day full of holiday cheer. ( In the summer months we have cookouts.)   Request a Volunteer Application HERE
  • Landscaping

    Assist us in helping clients feel proud of where they live and receive services. FSR needs help with painting, gardening, cleaning, and other beautification projects.   Request a Volunteer Application HERE
  • Activity Leaders

    Several programs are in need of facilitators of activities like yoga, arts and crafts, outings, and game nights - great for small groups. (Individuals and group volunteers needed)   Request a Volunteer Application HERE
  • Fundraising

    How could any fundraiser succeed without our faithful volunteers to make this the highest grossing year for FSR. We need lots of positive energy to make this goal a complete success.   Request a Volunteer Application HERE
  • Long-term Volunteers

    For individuals who are looking to make a significant impact by spending several months to a year volunteering (full-time).   Request a Volunteer Application HERE
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