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Trauma Informed Care

What is Trauma Informed Care and who does it affect?

“Most individuals seeking public behavioral health services and many other public services, such as homelessness and domestic violence services, have histories of physical and sexual abuse and other types of trauma-inducing experiences.” There are also a record number of diagnosed and undiagnosed veterans returning home suffering from PTSD. In addition there are retuning citizens (ex-offenders) who return home suffering from post-incarceration syndrome. These traumatic experiences often lead to mental health and co-occurring disorders such as chronic health conditions, substances abuse, eating disorders, and HIV/AIDS, as well as contact with the criminal justice system.” (SAMHSA, 2014)

How (FSR) can we assist you?

First Stop Recovery recognizes that trauma has been silently plaguing our communities for years. Our staff members are trauma survivors and are in recovery from multiple traumatic events. We offer continual support and education for our consumers and role model that recovery is possible. We have a team of peers who are trained to provide support for those who are experiencing trauma or who have been traumatized and we offer education that includes self-treatment and care by assisting you to create your personal trauma informed care plan also learning to develop a personal WRAP plan both of which begin the healing process and inform peers, even family members who are not yet aware they have been affected by trauma of some form. With your support our initiatives will without doubt ensure that each participating peers get just a few steps closer to achieving rehabilitation, self-advocacy, and ultimately leading healthier more favorable lifestyles.