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Holistic Approach

Instead of the traditional behavioral health centered focus we offer an approach that addresses the whole person rather than simply their symptoms or challenges. Our method of approach combines 8 basic principles and the art of discipline into holistic treatment (Mind, Body and Spirit) along with: health, awareness, nutrition, preventive education as long lasting effects in maintaining recovery. We partner education; wisdom and the support of our trained staff are committed to bringing healing to consumers and this community.

FSR’s staff of peers have firsthand knowledge of living with behavioral health and or chronic health conditions. By using these 8 basic principles we are all in recovery from what would have been life threatening conditions. We are role models for living healthy lifestyles and promoting the healing we have achieved by utilizing the programming that is offered at this center.

Our program was designed to introduce and assist consumers in maintaining a healthier lifestyle and have years added to your life.


  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Support
  • Prevention
  • Education
The body has an inherent wisdom to heal itself through its natural, physical and spiritual dimensions. That healing system inherent in the body and mind are set in motion to bring true enlightenment through the using of methods and techniques that are in harmony with the body’s natural processes.

FSR provides classes that will assist you in learning these techniques that will allow your body to become aligned so that you will achieve true inner harmony.

Our classes that offer this experience are:

Gentle yoga, light stretching exercises, and Thai Chi
When we think about the “mind” we naturally bring focus to a mental state that is achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment. We assist in reaching into a deeper level of thinking by opening up the mind to receive its true sense of being while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. This technique helps each person understand and begin to feel a calm, surreal, gentle state of being that allows a fulfilling sensation called inner peace, harmony and contentment.

We offer meditation classes and aromatherapy for the purpose of calming the mind through expression.
Spirituality has been defined as a process of personal transformation. It refers to meaningful activities that result in blissful experiences. While searching for the meaning of your life’s events and a yearning for connectedness, we support each person’s individual experiences and the belief in a power greater than one’s self, a power apart from his or her own existence. We offer a listening approach to each individual who expresses a need for spiritual guidance. We partner in assisting the consumer (through support) into a place of spiritual comfort and peace. Our goal is to provide an environment that will allow room for our participants as they become self-aware of their own individual needs along with the respect that will foster and enhance personal growth.

Classes: Spirituality in Recovery, Spiritual Restoration, and Spiritual Guidance
At FSR we promote a healthy lifestyle. Through early screenings, annual checkups, maintaining regularly scheduled medical, psychiatric, and dental appointments and the importance of daily medication compliance our peers have the benefit of living long and productive lives. We recognize that some consumers often experience fear and anxiety when seeking professional help. As peers, we understand and will support you in making your appointments and partner you with someone who will go with you on appointment day. We have a licensed RN who comes in weekly to provide screenings and educate consumers on how healthy living prevents diseases and chronic illnesses and teaches how to manage healthy living with preexisting conditions.
Most illnesses  have an underlying cause and far too often it simply stems from "what we eat" and  from "not having enough education on nutrition and preventive information or by having it personally applied individually by a trained professional."   At FSR’s we want to see a community of people who are health and whole in area of their lives so we offer:

Step 1: Listen and learn about the prevention and maintenance of "Nutrition" through education
Step 2: Join our nutritional support team that meets individually and collectively in a group setting
Step 3: Begin to set new goals for yourself, understanding that things won’t happened overnight
Step 4: Start celebrating each day, use your network of support to encourage you along the way.
Step 5: Embrace the transitioning from old habits into new habits of daily living and a health lifestyle.  

FSR’s directive is to educate and support consumers to incorporate the practices of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our licensed RN will hold a weekly nutrition class and set up nutritional goals individually.  FSR staff will promote nutrition by encouraging consumers to make healthy meals by providing new recipes monthly that are quick and easy to make.  At the end of each month we will have a cook off and prizes for the winners.”
FSR is a peer run community organization that supports our consumers as they process through their stages of change into recovery. We educate and support the consumer as well as their family members on what this process looks like and partner with them through that transition with unconditional support individually, in group settings, as well as online support.

At FSR “WE ARE UNITED IN RECOVERY” and are here to provide endless support to each of our consumers. You will never be judged or stigmatized in any way by any member of the support team. Each member of our team has shared similar experiences and we are all in recovery from mental health and/or substance abuse and are survivors of trauma.

We promote wellness because we live it and are role models to those around us. We are dedicated and committed to sharing the message of HOPE and Recovery to All.
FSR provides prevention education through daily training classes and workshops on topics and methods on how to prevent behavioral health relapses, diseases, and chronic health conditions that cause early deaths in the lives of consumers. We believe that if we focus on assisting each person to understand the importance of applying our 8 basic principles as a new way of life this will change the outcome of statistics and add years to the lives all consumers.

We educate on the Importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as they journey on the road to recovery. We have also created an extensive how to step by step program on the 8 basic principles and how to apply them in as a daily living practice. We also offer extensive training to educate our future and present peers’ specialist. There are daily classes and support groups that help to develop awareness in our community on recovery related issues and new innovate ideas that consumers can utilize to enhance daily activities to promote and maintain recovery. We also provide extensive comprehensive training for our consumer’s families and educational group support.

Please click here to see the classes that we offer.