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    At FSR We Are United In Recovery and committed to working with you as you journey through your individual stages of change into recovery.

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Family Support Services

First Stop Recovery is concerned about the issues that take its toll on our families. It has been said that the families suffer silently unaware of challenges that plague their loved ones. We want to support those families because you they are not alone. We want to help you through the hurt and the pain of emotionally feeling that you have lost someone you love.

Let us help you make a full recovery from the issues you have faced alone. You no longer have to be afraid because you have a network of support here with us. We want to give you a long awaited answers to the questions you have asked yourself over and over again, "What’s wrong?", "What could I have done?", "Why did this have to happen to us?" We want to educate you so that you will gain insight into these challenges that affect your family,  our community, and society as a whole.