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FSR offers a wide variety of classes, which are listed below. Please see our scheduled days and times on our calendar page.

Peer Support Foundation Training
12 week training program that offers the foundation of methods used for self-care, self-advocacy and techniques in providing Peer Support to those in need of a connection with someone who has lived through related experiences and now role models recovery.

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)
WRAP undertakes a strengths-based approach to recovery. Participants are encouraged to manage their own wellness and recovery in a manner that is comfortable to them and within their means. The key recovery concepts of WRAP are hope, education, personal responsibility, support, and self-advocacy.

Cognitive Thinking
If you have begun to experience mental blocks or issues relating to the memory loss, problem with short attention span, and lack of visual and auditory processing as well as logic and reasoning this is the class for you. The benefits from this class will be that you will improve your cognitive thinking and all those things that are happening by using simple exercises.

Parenting Class
These classes will help you deal with daily parenting issues and problems, as well as help you understand why problems arise and how to prevent them.

Money Management
Learning how to budget your money and how to maintain that budget. Through this class you can see where your money goes every month. This is a big benefit to you because it allows you to see where you could spend less, ultimately saving more money.

Time Management
The benefit of time management is living a stress free life and that is what you will learn from taking this class.

Online Banking
Learn the benefits of on line banking such as how you can pay your bills online, access a record of your checking account transactions, check your information from anywhere, learn about direct deposit, how to deposit a check by taking a picture of it, and much more.

Personal Credit Management
In this class you will learn about establishing credit, having no credit, bad credit, and the benefits of having good credit.

Anger Management
Learn about your triggers, who do you hurt, the effects, how to control it and how to channel that energy.

Overcoming Smoking Cessations
Used to assist in understanding the cessation and overcoming it.

Relapse Prevention
Assists in recognizing the barriers that have prevented long-term recovery and how to overcome them.